Irymple Primary School

Irymple Primary School is committed to creating a stimulating and challenging learning environment that supports each child to 'Be the Best That They Can Be'. Our school has four key values - Learning, Pride, Respect and Safety

The school maintains a high level of student learning in all curriculum areas through the delivery of quality learning programs with an emphasis in the areas of Literacy, Numeracy, The Arts, Digital Technologies and PE/Health. The individual needs of all students are catered for through a range of programs providing additional support and extension. Our school culture promotes the social and emotional development of our students through explicit teaching and learning programs. 

We are proud of our school and the relationship it enjoys with its families and the wider community. Parents are involved in the school in many ways, including the School Council, Parents' Club, support of learning within classrooms, sharing in activities, excursions, social activities and celebrations. A computer laboratory, 1-1 netbooks (years 3 to 6), library, art room, new open learning centre, large multipurpose room, canteen, tennis courts, new senior play equipment, shaded and open play areas create a safe and engaging, multi-faceted environment for our students.  High expectations of all students and staff is a hallmark of our daily work. 

Irymple Primary School is a registered 'International Students Program' School and provides for the educational needs of a number of students from a range of cultures each year. 

Contact us:

Phone: (03) 5024 5334

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School times:

Classrooms open at 8:45 AM for a 9:00 AM start. 

School dismissed at 3:15 PM. 

Orders for 2024 are now able to be made using our portal.